Stanley Albritton Jr. has always been driven for success, and has been drag racing nearly all his life. 

Stanley inherited his love of drag racing from his father Stanley Sr., who he crewed for,  prior to becoming a driver.  Stanley Sr. was one of the well known Albritton brothers of Florida. 

Stanley Jr, followed his father and uncles, Oscar and Roosevelt, to the race track religiously, on a weekly basis,  to learn the tricks of the trade and everything he could about the sport of  auto racing.

Stanley Jr. became very knowledgeable about the construction and assembly of extreme and high horsepower engines at a very early age.  At the age of 12, he built his first race engine, which gained the respect of many people that knew the young Albritton.  With the help of his father at his garage, this became the beginning of the future of S.A.J. racing engines and transmissions, from street rods to all out racing applications. 

By the age of 15, Stanley Jr. achieved his first taste of going down the quarter mile to record an impressive 8.27 the first time out, racing his dad’s rear engine dragster.  After making the required runs to obtain a NHRA competition license and a few months to his 16th birthday Stanley Jr. began competing on a local level with a 1985 Marc Rowe dragster in which he was a hired driver for Bob Brown Racing.  This lasted for almost five years.  Albritton decided that to further his career he had to be independent, which was a mutual agreement between Albritton and Brown.  Stanley Jr. started construction of a brand new 1998 TNT dragster in which he started to travel on the IHRA quick rod circuit and to big dollar bracket races for a few more years until stepped up to a 2000 Mullis dragster.  He continued to travel the IHRA circuit, but to run the class top dragster was a good beginning that got Stanley Albritton Jr. noticed on a national level. 

Since then, Stanley Jr. has had a number of different race cars on the path of being one of the well respected drivers in bracket racing and national event competition.  As a fierce competitor Stanley Jr. believes that it takes good equipment to maintain the level of consistency that is needed in today’s racing society.

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